Live and In Color

This should be interesting – I’m going to post youtube videos, but don’t have access to youtube.  Someone will need to comment and tell me if they came out OK. 

So here’s some ring work.  I should warn you, this video also shows the re-emergence of the Hunchback of Notre Dame (aka “me”) – for whatever reason, my sit-up-straight button is in the off position.  I apologize.  Watching this I also realized he’s not quite as slow as he feels, or we were just having a good day.  In any case it looks like it’s time to start working on other things in addition to “going” 🙂

I see my independently minded left arm doing its own thing a couple times in that vide.  Oops.  Either way, that’s pretty much how I’ve been riding him the last few weeks – long rein, and Yay! Forward!  I’m not sure his brakes are really installed – he slows and stops easily, but I think it’s more out of being a little lazy than being super broke.  So we’ll be working on more transitions too. 

Of course, from our little solo trail ride the other day we have some helmetcam.  Nothing terribly exciting, just the return mosey up the hill.  I videoed it mostly to show his non-reaction to stuff that tends to spook a lot of the horses over there.  For some reason, my horse is convinced trolls live in the old hay bales.  And the obstacle course at the top of the hill just blows his wee little mind (more on this in a moment).  Archie handles it all like a pro:

So, as I was saying about things blowing my horse’s wee little mind?  Yesterday was not our best day.  I knew it early, but still got on, and still went up to the top ring, and still decided to jump him around a little bit.  The jumps actually were the easy part.  But what I chose not to really think too hard about was that he was spooking away from pretty much everything.  Jump standards, piles of stuff outside the ring, the hay bales, a couple of the jumps themselves.  So when I pointed him towards the last jump I wanted to hop over, a little vertical with flowers underneath, I didn’t really think about the “pile” of jump standards on the other side.  They weren’t in the way, and I was thinking the jump was the hard part.  He jumped it like it was going to eat him, which I stuck out pretty well, but when he saw the standards? Yeah, he wanted nothing to do with that and shied HARD to the left.  I kept going straight, and landed eventually upon my right butt cheek. 


That has nothing to do with CANTER whatsoever, so I apologize.  But it is a reminder to me to pay more attention to the overall feel of things.  Sometimes I get too confident in my relationship with my horse since I know him really well, when I need to maybe reconsider.  Lesson learned (again.  And I’m sure it will be re-learned again sometime in the near future).



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