More New Faces

Updated the Charles Town listings today, several really cute horses this week, including these:

Black Beauty

Who You Callin' a "Plain" Bay?

Please To Be Kissing Me on the Nose, kthx!

To see them, plus some other ridiculously cute horses, head on over and check out the new listings.  🙂
Last night was kind of a fun night – I rode my horse a little then watched Laura with Archie.  We managed to get him going a little more forward and I even snagged video, but it will be a few days before I have it online, I think.  Unless the library will let me send things to youtube.  I had her use a stick last night – Archie can take a lot of leg without really reacting to it, so instead of getting into a battle that ends in torn thigh muscles and the inability to walk the next day, I figured it would be better to use some tools 🙂 
I think it was still pretty tiring and a lot of work for Laura, but she did get a more forward trot and sustained it for a while, and even managed to canter both directions.  I think he will be easier to motivate when he’s got better fitness, but we can’t get him fit unless we can get him going. I’m going to try to ride some this weekend too, to keep him moving.  According to Jess he was pretty much equally slow when he came off the track (which is probably as fit as a horse can be.  That said he hadn’t raced in a really long time either…  probably for a reason!).
So if anyone is looking for something slow and steady, with no inherent motivation to take off at a gallop… give me a buzz.  He’s green for things like… bending and ring work, but he’s pretty solid with the “that doesn’t bother me” stuff.  I can also confirm he is fine for bicycles whizzing by him, which happened the other day.  So I’m guessing deer in the woods, and the odd woodchuck, won’t be issues either.

One response to “More New Faces

  1. jessicamorthole

    I had to go look him up and he made almost $100k in 30 starts so not to shabby on the track. I believe they had been trying to bring him back when he was donated to us. I wish more people could see just how quiet these guys can be! I have more that are that slow then the those who want to go. Parker made decent money as well and boy do you have to have legs of steel to keep him going.

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