Welcome to Mudville, USA

Most of our three feet of snow has melted – YAY!

Unfortunately that leaves massive amounts of mud.  Everywhere.  The only horse we can feasibly do anything with right now is Archie, seeing as we have an indoor and rings with good footing at Southwind.  Unfortunately, the horses everybody wants to see right now are not at Southwind, they are out at the funny farm, which is probably fine right now but won’t be after it starts raining tomorrow (for serious, we are expecting something like five straight days of rain).

We need to get under saddle video of Sister, Wek, and Cecil.  And Leo.  I have people who are interested in horses from far away, who would like to see that before committing to a five hour drive (understandable).  But it’s looking now like it will be at least two weeks before I can make it happen… I could get out there next Thursday but we need to be careful about riding too much on wet ground, so we don’t tear up the small riding area and make it unusable.  I was planning on going out Saturday afternoon after my track visit, but the latest weather report is “wet and windy” – so I may be rescheduling that…

It’s so frustrating, I wish I could magically conjure up an indoor with perfect lighting, a new computer for me with video software, and internet access so I could have all this done in just minutes, heh.  Oh well, we’ll get there and get it done when we can 🙂

In other news, thanks to our snow melt, Archie is now able to be ridden outside.  The indoor was a zoo again last night, with lessons going on with a particularly vocal instructor, so Laura rode outside in the dark (or almost dark, there are a few lights out there).  He was a champ and was perfectly happy with that arrangement.  So we can now add “riding in the dark” to his repertoire.

We can also report he’s pretty chill about dogs.  Our friend and dressage trainer, Stef, was teaching along with her German Shepherd, and when everybody was done, even with the dog running and barking and playing (I can’t help it, I tend to get dogs all wound up), Archie was perfectly relaxed and happy, and even tried to investigate and love on her a little bit.

Hopefully will have some video clips of Archie taken Thursday, if all goes well and my schedule doesn’t get all crazy on me 🙂

Can’t wait for the time to change… more evening daylight!  Hooray!!!!


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