WOOT! And also, MEHHH!


So our big news today: CANTER is one of the organizations that will be receiving a three year grant from ASPCA to put towards caring for and rehoming Thoroughbreds.   We weren’t the only ones, you can click here to read the full press release.

This is super exciting! We’ve done pretty well over the last year with fundraising and conserving resources, but this puts us in a place to ramp things up a bit.  The funds from this grant will primarily be used for horses with special needs.  Right now, in order to conserve our resources the horses coming into our program are horses who are at least pasture sound.  Horses needing stall rest, special rehab, or surgery, have been hard for us to deal with as the investment in them is substantially higher than most of the horses we have.  So as we make room and get things organized, we will have more of an opportunity now to offer treatment, srugery, etc, to horses with actual injuries or problems.  Yay us!  And thank you so much to the ASPCA and the private donor who started this ball rolling.  It is a really big deal and we’re incredibly grateful 🙂 

On the “MEHHH!” side, Archie colicked last night.

He seems fine now, and I’ve gotten no messages to the contrary, but it was a bit stressful last night – I was out of town so naturally I was a huge worrywart the whole night.  Thankfully our secretary and our volunteer Laura were out there, and our barn manager (who is awesome) had everything under control.  Miraculously, Archie chose a night when our vet was already scheduled to be out there anyway, so he saved us an emergency call fee.  Thanks, Archie!

The best thing to come out of the night was a text reading “he made big poo” (well, that wasn’t the whole thing).

So I’ve given Archie his new tribal name.  “Makes Big Poo”

Watch for his special guest appearance in “Dances With Wolves 2:  Horse That Looks Like Buffalo”

I’m tired.  I’m going to stop typing now.


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