Hi Ho, Hi Ho… it’s off to work…

… for Archie.  Our other volunteers will start riding him today.  It’s sort of comical, Laura emailed me to say she would just take it easy with walk and trot for a “get to know you” first ride.  The reason this makes me laugh?  Uh, good luck getting him to canter even if you wanted to!

Allie was joking the other day that we need to make a video montage of me struggling to get various horses to canter.  There’s already one video on the CANTER MidAtlantic youtube channel… good old Cecil 🙂  But some of these guys, once they get adjusted to non-track life, are just downright lazy.  It’s sort of amazing!

In other news, I spent yesterday afternoon getting Major transferred to his new home.  I do have to say these are some of the nicest and most enthusiastic people I’ve ever met.  Major seemed really happy with the idea and jumped onto the trainer with what looked like enthusiasm.  The first time I saw him, the day he got back from his adventure in the NJ auction house, he was dejected and defeated looking… when I showed up yesterday, however, he was cavorting and bucking around like a crazy horse.  It was great to see that, and even better to go see his new farm, where he will be living with quite an assortment of critters in addition to a herd of very well fed horses.  I expect his body condition will be much improved in no time 🙂

In other news, we have the usual stuff going on.  I am making a track visit to Charles Town this Saturday, so I’m prepping for that now.  Getting directions/info to other volunteers, updating my list of horses so I can find out who is sold and who’s not.  Charging the camera batteries.  And finding a pen that actually works.

Also spending entirely too much time researching grants and compiling all the info we’ll need to fill them out.  It’s an interesting exercise, and there’s a lot out there, but they all require different hoops to jump through, so I’m trying to get a head start.  If anyone has specific ideas in that regard, and happens to be reading, feel free to comment or email information you might have 🙂


One response to “Hi Ho, Hi Ho… it’s off to work…

  1. splishsplashriding

    Hey –

    I currently write grants for the non-profit I work for. I would be happy to help you any way I can although I will say that I am not an expert :):):)

    Give me an email ashlea_pinkham at yahoo dot com

    Ashlea and Splash

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