It Never Ends…

Always more horses, more emails, more stuff!

This actually turned out to be a fun weekend.  I had a busy Saturday set up – I needed to get my new badge for Charles Town, and also have a friend who is shopping so decided to play tour guide for her as she looked at a few horses from our listings.  Of course doing double-duty on a trip to the track, took a few listings too 🙂 

After getting badging and day pass stuff sorted out, we immediately walked over to the first barn on my friend’s list.  I’d seen this horse in the listings for months but was quite unprepared for what came out of the stall – easily a few inches taller than advertised, and much more of a big rangy hunter type than his original photo had led me to believe.  I took new photos, but as usual, a lot of these guys are just WAY prettier in person than they are in their track photos, even when you work really hard to get new ones.

Surprise number two came a short time later.  My friend had selected another horse to look at based on one of the worst track photos we’ve ever had on our site.  You couldn’t see her head, conformation, feet, or pretty much anything besides her rear end.  Fortunately, my friend is picky about rear ends and liked this one.  When she came out, I was immediately slack-jawed over how fancy the filly was.  They jogged her and she had the most beautiful forward reaching stride I’ve ever seen on a horse still at the track.  She was a little goofy, but apparently hadn’t been out for a workout in over a week which explains that sort of thing.  But even I, knowing everything I know about track horses and their photos and all the things that conspire to make photography difficult, may not have gone to check it out based on this:

I mean…. there’s just not much to see there.  Pretty dapples, but….  Right?  Who’s with me?  So I was a bit surprised when this is what actually came out of the stall:

There... that's a bit better!

And I was even more surprised when she started moving, and more than a little annoyed at myself for not bringing my small camera with the video capabilities (not that it would matter, I am having extreme technical difficulties getting video online these days).  The amount of reach she had for her size was pretty impressive, and though she was cavorting a bit, she reminded me of Woody, as she threw her legs out nearly horizontally a few times without breaking step.  Neat filly!  And it goes to show – sometimes it pays off to take a bit of a gamble.  I know exactly how easy it is to make a nice horse look bad in a picture, and almost always give them benefit of the doubt, but even I was pretty surprised this time.  Anyway, got new pics up on our website, including some of her jogging (though none of those really show what she’s capable either).  If you’re thinking of checking out some horses but are a little “meh” on the photos, it pays to check those out anyway, especially if you’re going to look at others.  Always see as many as you can, because there are a LOT of nice ones out there *grin*

After that filly, we went to look at some others, while I took some listings.  It was like a cavalcade of greys – I had to update some listings on a few horses from our old site (greys) and took some pre-emptive photos of a horse who isn’t listed yet (a grey), and at this point I can barely tell them apart while looking at the photos.  Good thing I keep good notes 🙂

I also thought it would be tricky being out there in my capacity as a volunteer while also leading someone who was shopping.  We have to be very impartial when we are out there – all the horses in our listings need new homes and new jobs, so we have to leave decision making up to buyers and vets.  It turns out I didn’t really need to worry about it too much – I always like everything I look at, haha!

After we left and stopped for lunch, it was back home to meet a lady who is interested in Katerina.  I actually talked to her early last week and was elated, but didn’t want to celebrate prematurely.  But given how everything worked out on Saturday, I think I am pretty safe in saying that we have finally found a home for Miss Dollface, and she will be living in the lap of luxury very soon 🙂

This is a HUGE load off – I’ve been very worried about this horse for some time.  She’s just a little bit creaky, and just a little bit hard to ride.  Not very hard, mind you, but it seemed the problem we ran into is the people with the skills to ride her were looking for something younger that could go do competitions.  The folks looking for a 16 yr old ex broodmare were not necessarily looking for something that required thoughtful riding.  So when a friend mentioned she knew the “perfect” person for Kat, I wasn’t ready to get too excited.

As it turns out though, some excitement was merited.  As soon as we have the papers in order Kat will be a companion to one other horse, several sheep, and a few cattle.  Her new job will mostly revolve around looking pretty and being pampered, with the occasional trail ride on very wide trails with good footing. 

We are very, very happy for her and I’m looking forward to seeing her new home.  It’s been a real group effort with this mare – so thanks to everyone 🙂  And soon it will be time to start over with the next one!


4 responses to “It Never Ends…

  1. WOW. In addition to a much better photo, that grey filly has grown at least 2 inches since the fall and filled out a lot! She was cute before, but now she’s downright gorgeous!

  2. Yeah, someone will get lucky with her! What’s crazy is that when I was a wee little new volunteer my very first farm visit was to their farm, and she would have been one of the babies I met that day 🙂 I probably kissed her little baby nose and everything!

  3. jessicamorthole

    Great job on finding Kat a new home! Isn’t it the best when the right person finally turns up all you get that giddy happy feeling. That is what makes it all the time and effort put in worthwhile.

    That is a really nice looking filly. I get home and look at the pics I take and I always think the horses look so much better in person. I wish the rest of the public realized how hard it is to get a good pic and instead just go and look at them in person.

    Now I have to go to the CANTER site to see all the new horses. I listed a really pretty grey horse too 🙂 I wanted him!

  4. Splishsplashriding

    You aren’t the only one who is drooling over that grey!!!!!

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