1… 2… 3… Exhale!

So all the horses that were “at risk” last week have been homed.  One will be coming to us and the others are all in private homes.  The trainer handling all that called me on Friday just giddy with joy that everything worked out, and an assurance that she will keep on listing horses from that stable when they need to go.  She also got a lot of connections from all the people who called so that she has a whole network to help out if there’s ever an urgent situation again.  That was a great way to end my week 🙂

On the adoptions front, it seems there’s been a little uptick in interest lately – I have found myself answering more emails, and arranging to meet more people than I have in a while.  Since I popped Kat onto dreamhorse, I’ve actually gotten several inquiries about her and am talking to several good possibilities for homes.

That in itself is a huge load off – I have been worrying more and more about Miss Fancypants as time has gone on, but maybe all it took was the hint of spring hitting the midatlantic (I saw it hit 58 degrees yesterday!) filling people with a little sense of optimism 🙂  Or maybe that’s why I’m in a good mood. 

Saturday I got to spend some quality time out at the Funny Farm to show some horses.  I pulled out Bid and Archie, and as usual Bid wanted to play a little, while Archie was about as good as a horse can be.  While I was on Bid, someone started up a chainsaw right next to the ring, and while he was doing other silly things, I don’t think he even noticed it.  He had been tossing his head a little and seemed to want to “go”  – but then when I pushed him into the canter I think it was the slowest canter I’ve ever had on him.  And after about two seconds he huffed a little, “OOOO  KKKK!! I am done playing can we stop now?”  I still have to giggle about the chainsaw though.  Not much can advertise “non spooky” like that, my own horse probably would have hit the roof (and he’s a relatively low key guy himself). 

After I got done with those two, I grabbed Leo just because he’s my current favorite guy. He does get a little worried when I bring him away from his buddies in the field, and lets you know by calling out to them frequently.  He has an adorable little whinny, that doesn’t really match his looks, but reminds you that he really is just a baby.  Though by JC rules he is four now, his actual birthday isn’t until June.  Once on I decided I’d torn up the ring enough with the other two horses, and decided on a mosey up the hill.  We think that his niche will likely be trail and pleasure riding so we need to get him out there.  While he was slow and tentative on the way up, he always listens when you add leg and encourage him forward.  At the top of the hill we finally encountered the first thing that’s really upset him since I’ve known him – a pile of logs.  Yep, those things are killers.  I let him check it out, and circled a few times to put him to work and get closer to it without approaching it directly, and when he seemed ok, decided that was enough and headed back home.   He was quite forward going back home, but as usual very directable and nothing hard to handle.

After I put him back out I spent an extra twenty minutes just giving him love.  He will stand perfectly still for a very long time, even when he’s not tied, in exchange for a body rub and scratchins.  It actually makes it really hard to leave, because he shows no desire whatsoever to walk away or go see his friends (as long as he can see them).  I found a few key itchy spots, and after several false starts back to the gate finally dragged myself away.  He’s just the sweetest thing – he and his four white nose whiskers.

Monday Kat got to be a model for a visiting photographer.  He donated one of his photos to our fall auction and stopped by to drop it off to the winner, who happens to be one of the volunteers working with her.  So she may be his next cover model (and should be, as she is quite the pretty lady!).  Later that afternoon I met a potential adopter, a very nice woman who is just starting her horse search.  She has to look around and see what else is out there (as all good horse shoppers should!) but I really enjoyed meeting her.  I do have to say I meet some great people doing this.

Anyway, not much else going on.  Emailing. Scheduling.  Back to the grind.  But after last week it’s nice to know I can settle down and take a breath! 🙂


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