Oh Katerina

CT “urgent” horses – down to one, yay!

Also got a text from the trainer who is placing them that if anybody needs a shipper in the area, to contact Ray Aul as he has a very nice van.  His number is on our “resources” page along with vets and other area shippers for people interested in purchasing a horse at the track (just in case anybody needed any enabling).

Yesterday I did a new dreamhorse ad for Kat – we haven’t gotten any interest off the regular website listing (whereas I do get several emails a day about the other horses).  It’s getting a little worrisome that this has been so hard.  She’s a seriously beautiful horse, inside and out.  I don’t say that about a lot of horses… most are “cute” or “adorable” or nice.  But she is truly beautiful.  She has those soft liquid eyes, and just seems so quietly grateful for the simplest of things (“oh, you’re rubbing my neck? Thank you, you are wonderful!”). 

It’s so difficult, because she does have some things working against her.  She’s a little creaky from having lots of babies.  She isn’t a rank beginner’s horse.  She has some opinions sometimes about how great she is, and will let you know.  But she will also come RUNNING in the pasture when  you go to visit her, and rest her head on your shoulder while she’s being groomed.  She takes treats so gently it’s like a feather touching your hand.

Hello! I would like to be your forever girl!

Under saddle Kat is such an interesting horse.  Want to get immediate feedback on your riding?  If you don’t use leg properly, or try to ride hands-first, or lean, she’ll tell on you.  If you ride right?  She will also tell you, by turning into the fanciest and prettiest horse you’ve ever seen.  On trail rides she likes to go on the buckle, peeking around corners and moseying along.  She will lead or follow.  Sometimes she gets a little jiggly, either anticipating a little run, or realizing she’s close to home.  She is best handled with a smile and a laugh, and maybe a scritch on the withers.

Kat has been with CANTER for a total of almost two years now.  She arrived with feet in horrible condition, and not in the best physical shape.  She has bloomed with us (although recent cold weather seem to have taken a toll a little bit, and she’s needing extra feed right now.  In the summer good grass is pretty much all she needs), has become friendly and inquisitive, and even gotten over her ear shyness (heh, until I was writing this, I totally forgot she ever was a little headshy!)

What’s difficult is that right now she is living at a barn where the board price is higher than what we pay for our funny farm guys.  She is getting a lot of our resources as we are doing our best to give her skills that make her valuable.  Yet… she’s 16 and an ex-broodmare.  I have not gotten a single email from the website about her in the last five months. 

So I added her to dreamhorse the other day, and bumped her Chronicle thread, which will hopefully help.  But we really do need to find her a home fast, so we can move horses from funny farm into training and make room for more to come off the track in the spring. Since the new ad went up I’ve gotten several replies – one could be promising, the others were scam responses:

Hello I am Marcus Berg, a respectable business man from United State.I am indeed interested in your Horse posted for sale. I want to buy the Horse as a surprise birthday gift for my 21 year old daughter. I will like to know if the Horse is still available for sale and will also like to know your final asking price for the Horse. I have a shipper who will come over there to pick the Horse as soon as the payment is completely received by you. Please let me know your asking price of the Horse, reason you are selling and a recent photo of it(If available) so we can proceed from there. I will be looking forward to hearing from you. Regards Marcus”

Thank you for being helpful!  I was tempted to write back and lead him along like the 419eaters do, but I value my gmail…

Either way, because she is our “placement priority” right now I will try to update about her more often.  Surely someone will see how special and sweet and wonderful she is, right?


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