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Update on the situation out near C-T:  two more people are lined up to look at the remaining three horses…. looks good for the chestnut mare finding a home by Friday but not concrete yet.  There are also some other horses on the property that need homes immediately:  a couple of appaloosas (broke to ride) and a mini mule.  The mule may have a home, but not concrete (I have firsthand experience with this recently, people saying “I’m definitely getting that one!” and then… not so much. So I don’t say an animal is “safe” until it’s on the trailer and leaving).

New update (5 PM) – The bay gelding, the chestnut mare, the two appies, and the mini mule on the farm have all found new homes.  The chestnut mare is scheduled to leave tomorrow.  That leaves the pretty dark bay mare still needing a home BY SUNDAY.  🙂

In other news, lately there has been lots of whirlwind-y stuff going on.  Behind the scenes, there is all kinds of administrative and fund-related work going on, which I’ve been trying to help with when I can.  The auction, of course, which still has a couple loose ends flapping in the breeze, some work related to grants, and upcoming fundraisers (E-Valentines, and a spring trail ride/picnic, and more clinics/shows, raffles, etc).   Then you have the site updates, listings, event planning (besides fundraisers), emergency horse placement situations, and horses going lame, needing deworming, and being difficult to place, scheduling visits for potential buyers, fighting with technology to get videos of the horses up, and it all adds up.  I don’t even deal with half the stuff our director does but can see how this could slowly drive a person to drink. 

So where’s my refresh button?  I need it pushed every couple days, and it’s usually different.  Last night it was getting my horse (yes, I own one!  Somehow I occasionally find the energy to ride him!) to do a shoulder in.  Probably not the best shoulder in, but I saw it in the mirror and his feet were doing the right things and everything.  I had the ring to myself because it was late – just me and yoda and some classical music. 🙂

This really is the *best* horse, by the way.

I get off from rides like that feeling so much better – the knots in my stomach get untied, that slight pounding in my head is gone, and I just feel happy. 

Other times, the reset button is at Lazy Acres (aka the “fat farm” or “funny farm”).  Playing with Mikey, Bid, and Truckee always makes me feel good.  Occasionally there’s a ping of stress, like, “these guys need HOMES!!!!” but usually it just leaves me energized to put more into the program.  I mean, for realz:

My new BFF

Kids, don't try this at home!

 That’s Mr. Leo.  Or “Omen” – I can’t decide.  I know I loved the floppy ears and with his strange conformation, Leo seemed to fit, but the more I get to know him the more I want to call him something more… inspirational.

I also have some videos (OMG!) which I have to figure out, since I can’t access youtube from here and they’re too big to email.  hm.

 Anyway, I’m needing lots of this stuff right now, or I may go a little nuts.  🙂

Oh, and before I forget, there is a fun informal fundraiser going on for CANTER Ohio on the Chronicle of the Horse Boards:

Ask The Horse Psychic

This is for entertainment only, but people are encouraged to send small donations to CANTER Ohio for their “reading” 🙂  So far they’ve brought in just over $900 – can you help make it an even $1000?  🙂


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