Promising Bay Filly

That’s how her ad title read – she was two when she was listed but thanks to Jockey Club rules is now three.  And she was one of the four horses that we were so worried about yesterday.  Several from that farm had shipped out with a local dealer (who last I heard was banned from the backside of the track, but these horses are at a farm nearby) to a holding farm near New Holland Auction House.  He doesn’t take them *to* the auction where they stand a chance of being purchased by individuals or pulled by attending rescues.  Instead, they fill up some pens until there are enough horses to take a full load up to Canada, at which point they are not retrievable.

In any case, the immense response garnered by moving them to the urgent list, posting on Bulletin Boards and blogs everywhere, and on facebook, was enough to help us get these guys more time.  So there are three horses (two mares, one gelding) that really have just this week to find homes.

What about the fourth? Oh yeah, the one from the blog title.  On one of the update calls yesterday Allie got a kick to the gut when our contact said she had shipped out early in the afternoon.   At about the same time a donor wrote in to say she would cover the horse’s purchase but couldn’t take her.  About twenty minutes later another phone call – the filly was NOT on the truck because the truck never showed up.  With funds in place and people offering temporary stabling until she can get down to our facility in NC for rehab there, Allie was able to secure her and she is now a CANTER owned horse.

Special thanks to Carol S, who literally saved this beautiful girl from a one-way trip to Canada.  We expect her bow will heal just fine, but will have more updates in coming weeks.

As for the other horses they still need homes.  Anyone who is on the fence – now is the time.  We’ve managed to get them a few more days, and it sounds like a home for the gelding is in the works, but if you have any interest at all… call. 

Urgent List


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