My Brain Be Buzzing

Well this sure turned into an interesting day…

The weekend was nice – I spent the whole thing at the lovely Waters Edge Farm for the Stephen Bradley clinic.  Unfortunately, it was so bitter cold, I think that only one or two people came out as official “auditors” – but we managed to cover our costs plus a little extra by providing coffee and cocoa and sweets.  More importantly, it offered us a chance to network and spread the word about some of the horses in our program and still at the track, which is a pretty important thing. 

So I think we will make an effort to be at more clinics and shows this year wherever we can set up a table.  We just need to remember things like banners and pamphlets – because that would make sense. 🙂

But after spending two full days out in this weather (thankfully there were heaters in the indoor – not the kind that would make you toasty but there was a good ten degree difference between the ring and outside) I was pretty well done… with everything.  Mental stress and I do not get along, especially when my nose hurts from breathing cold air.

So I was pretty wiped this morning, especially after staying up late trying to get updates on a situation with two horses from one of our tracks who apparently had ended up on a Canada bound trailer.  I was only tangentially involved there, making a couple phone calls and worrywarting before our magical director got things in order (yes they will be OK! 🙂 )

I was feeling pretty good when I came in this morning, and then found out some of our more urgent listings at Charles Town were now super-urgent, like “have to go today” urgent.  Some phone calls with the contact bought them a little time, and then we’ve posted them everywhere we can think of (always sort of a chaotic situation, emails will still be flying loooong after this situation is over), and now just have to hope for the best.

In any case we’ve added a section to the listings for “urgent” situations like this:

My brain feels like it’s too big for my skull right now.  And I’m hardly even involved other than spreading the word everywhere I can think of. 

I’m generally more involved in the fun stuff at CANTER, this might be the first time I’ve been so aware of all these types of goings ons, except maybe when we went to pick up Rosey.  This is a similar situation – donating these guys would probably be a bigger benefit to the owner than sending them off with a dealer… but trying to get him to understand that seems about as likely as me convincing my cat that dunking him in the bathtub is for his own good.

In any case, even though we are working on things from our end (while simultaneously doing work at our real full-time jobs), if anyone is remotely interested and wants to take a chance… those horses need it.


One response to “My Brain Be Buzzing

  1. Splishsplashriding

    I SO would if I could! :(:(:( I’m sure you have tried connecting with other rescue and placement organizations to see if they have space or contacts. It is a difficult time for everyone 😦

    I’m glad the clinic went well this weekend and am sorry I missed it and the opportunity to meet folks. Hopefully next time!

    Good luck!

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