Happy New Year!

First and foremost, if anybody reading is feeling like taking a chance, there are some horses still on the track at Charles Town that really need to move quickly.  Some have been in the listings for a while, but the owner needs to make room for new horses ASAP.  The prices are highly negotiable and the trainer is very easy to work with.  Visit our Charles Town Trainer Listings and check the pink-highlighted ones.  Some nice horses there 🙂  Listings 1, 2, 3, 15, and 16 are in particular need of new homes – call and make an offer!

In other news…

Parker and Indy’s Chic are now in Delaware with Jess.  Yay!  It should be really fun to see how they do.  They were clearly showing their unique personalities on moving day – Dee (for lack of a better nickname, heh), was terrified getting onto the trailer.  She never panicked or did anything stupid, and there wasn’t really much worry that she wouldn’t eventually load, but she was shaking like a leaf and clearly very worried about it.  In stark contrast, Parker didn’t even hesitate, and practically jumped on the trailer, never flicking an ear.  He didn’t even look excited, but just sort of “ho hum, off I go.  Hope the hay is good.”

So it seems Indy’s Chic is like a delicate little flower, to Parker’s tumbleweed.

Moving day was also “show some horses” day – some very kind people from Virginia had been trying to get up to look at a few for what seems like months, and every time we managed to find a day that worked for our schedules, something crazy would happen like SNOWPOCALYPSE ’09, and with two feet of snow on the ground, it’s sort of hard to do anything.  Not like we could have gotten up the driveway anyway (well, I’m sure they could have, but my little Mazda would certainly have had more trouble!)

So despite the intense cold and wind advisories, off I went, sure it was a disaster in the making.  As everyone knows, cold weather + howling wind usually = hyped up horses.  I was expecting all sorts of shenanigans: spooking and panicking at the grooming post, snorting and dancing, difficulty in handling, the whole nine yards.  I wasn’t sure if I would be riding or not so prepared for it, even though the ground is like pockmarked cement and the horses are all barefoot out there.

Fortunately I was spared the riding, it was just ridiculously cold. 

But the boys surprised me.  Even with the howling, gusty wind, things blowing everywhere, and clearly uncomfortable humans, the horses acted like their normal selves.  Bid played with lead ropes and tried to grab the brushes out of our hands.  Archie kept trying to graze and not picking his now woolly head up (seriously, he has grown what looks like a buffalo beard along his jawline).  I had them free lunge a little bit, and again, despite all the weather stuff and the mares being close by, it was hard to get either to break out of a grudging walk.  I tripped more than they did as I ran around the ring trying to keep them going long enough that they could get some video to take back home.

I spent a woefully short amount of time trying to introduce them to some of the other horses before I decided my face had had enough.

But in that time, I did stop to see Mikey, who says hello to everyone.  He wasn’t his normal self, but I think it’s because he wanted nothing to do with leaving the giant haybale.  Leo is looking great – finally putting some meat on over that barrel of his.  He seems very content and happy, and I can’t wait to ride him again.

While grabbing Indy’s Chic with Jess, I stopped to see a couple of the mares, and Call Sister and Wek are just begging for a home.  They seem to be bored, which is always fun as it leads to silly games like “unzip the human’s jacket” and “keep away – that’s MY person!”

Since Sister needs some groundwork I will be trying to do some more of that, and will be writing about it here 🙂

We will also be getting some video of Cecil this week, which should be fun as he always makes me smile.

Lastly, we will be having a small Valentine’s Day Fundraiser – virtual valentines!  Stay tuned for more details!


One response to “Happy New Year!

  1. jessicamorthole

    Buffalo beard is an understatement. He is more yak than horse but looks quite warm.

    Seriously- some really lovely horses to be had. Love Minnie, Wek and Call Sister. All of those girls are quite pleasantly plump and look like they would appreciate having jobs.

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