More Happy Endings for Trainer Listings

This year, several horses from Charles Town found new homes with the Johns Hopkins Equestrian Team. As it turns out, Amy, co-president of the team, has some experience with buying horses from our trainer listings, and sent the following stories/updates.

Indian Keepsake (“Indy”)

Indy's Listing Picture

I purchased Indy through CANTER in April 2008. He was my first horse and I couldn’t have asked for anything more. He had the pocket pony personality and although he wasn’t the biggest, flashiest, or even the most correct mover I was sold. I purchased him as a project horse and knew he’d make someone an awesome horse. Indy was awesome from day 1. His trainer asked me how long I was going to wait before I got on, and when I responded “as long as he needed” the trainer laughed. He told me I could probably get on the next day. He wasn’t kidding. 3 days later I tacked up Indy and rode. Pictures of the first ride:

He has always been an absolute gentleman even when I couldn’t make it out to ride consistently. He picked up everything really quickly and took to jumping really well. Never had a buck, spook, or bad attitude about anything. Everything I asked for, his answer was always “no problem”.

Between May and June Indy had off while I went home. When I came back, I had a friend that wanted to do a horse show and needed someone to go with her to keep her horse company. I agreed. We schooled at the show, and he was behaving so well I decided to register him for a hack class. He placed 6th out of 20. Nothing phased him and he acted like an old school master. I continued to enjoy him for the rest of the summer, taking him on trails and just moving him along in his training.

In October, I decided to go with a friend to ride in my first horse trial ever. We drove the horses up to Pennsylvania and kept them at a local barn for the night. The next morning, it was raining really hard and we didn’t know if we were going to have the opportunity to show. Luckily, the rain cleared up to a light drizzle and we were able to ride.

The dressage phase went without issues, but cross country was a different story. As the last division of the day, the cross country course had been torn up and there was deep mud everywhere. I literally held on to the saddle and prayed that Indy would take me around. I wouldn’t have been mad at him if he hadn’t; the conditions were terrible. Of course this little horse didn’t let me down. Whatever I pointed him at, he took me right over. We finished cross country clean. By the time we got to stadium, it was dark and we had no ring lights. Again I just trusted him to take me around the course. We had one rail and finished the day 7th overall out of 16.


Shortly after, I had a lady inquire about the possibility of buying Indy. As he was intended to be a project, I could not turn down the offer. She was getting back into riding after 30 years of not being on a horse and she just adored Indy. He loved her back and always took good care of her. 7 months after I had purchased him, I sold Indy.

Indy ended up essentially sitting around for the winter months, as his new owner had a lot of personal/family health issues she had to deal with. She was nice enough to let me come ride him in the meantime. In April, she decided that she didn’t have the time to commit to horse ownership and gave him back to me to help him find another home.

I started working on getting him back into shape, and brought him home to PA with me for the summer. He hadn’t forgotten anything I had taught him and was, as usual, a joy to work with.

A few weeks later I was able to find Indy a home at a lesson barn. He now has a permanent home there (the trainer won’t let him go!) and teaches riders of all levels. He’s currently being leased and loved by a high school girl and she plans to take him to more shows in the spring.

Te Veo Y Te Amo (Mick)

I got Mick October 12, 2009 because he was retiring with a sore suspensory. He was 7 coming off the track after running 83 times! He was just so gorgeous and had a fun personality to I decided to take him and rehab him. The suspensory is now healed; however, we found out that the inflammation from the suspensory was hiding a small bone spur and arthritis. In light of the new knowledge, we’ve decided that he won’t hold up for what we need him to do. I have found him a new home in Birmingham, AL where he will be a trail horse and just get to enjoy life. He’ll be leaving me in January. He will be missed as he is one of the funniest and most intelligent horses I’ve worked with.

Kid Numerator (Milo)

Milo is a 6 yr old that had actually been purchased off the track a year ago. His owner had surrendered him to a farm 5 mins from Charlestown for non-payment of board and he just needed a job. I got him through the same trainer that I got Mick and Chianti from. When I test rode him, he was extremely quiet and fun. I asked the trainer if she knew if he jumped and she wasn’t sure. There was a small vertical set up in the ring so I decided to try my luck. This is what I got:

You can’t go wrong with the thoroughbred athleticism and mind. He continues to be our star jumper and is loved by the members of the Hopkins Riding Club. I’ve even had offers to buy him!

Agent Danseur (Chianti)

Chianti came from the farm where Milo was. He’s 8 yrs old. He was a racehorse that had slipped down the ranks and just didn’t have anything left. He was just given to me because no one else wanted him. He was all ribs when I got him, and not completely sound. I located the source of the unsoundness as an abcess and he quickly came around. He has been a blast to work with since! I looked up his race record and fond out he even holds a track record out in Minnesota for 2 & 1/16 miles! He is a workaholic and tries his hardest to make his rider happy. He’s incredibly sensitive to the aids and had made incredible progress in his training. I was told he doesn’t jump but we’ll let this photo speak for itself.

And video!

Mine Run (Amori)

Amori is my baby (but don’t tell the others). He’s 4 years old and has a perfect heart on his forehead. It’s appropriate because he’s all heart. He ran only 3 times, placed dead last twice and then 2nd to last on his 3rd try. He just isn’t a fighter. Out of all the horses I’ve gotten this one has been the biggest surprise. He does everything I ask, and was jumping by my 4th ride. He’s also the horse that all the beginners can ride. They can bounce on him and yank on his face and he just trucks them around the arena. He really is a saint. His only vice is that if he sees me he’ll come off the rail and come cuddle. He’ll go from beginner lessons to advanced lessons with no problem. I am so lucky to have him.

Here’s a video of him teaching one of our beginners how to trot only a month after coming off the track:

All this from a horse only a few months off the track! Not even! Here’s his listing pictures:

Thanks Amy, and the JHU Equestrian team, for helping find these guys new careers and showing how great they can be!


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