Happy Endings

I’m going to be making an effort to post more of these when we get them, because everyone needs a dose of the warm fuzzies.  CANTER received this email recently from a happy buyer, who found her horse via the track listings.  Enjoy!

“I wanted to let you know how much I appreciate the CANTER site. I found my horse , Golden Indian, at Charlestown racetrack. Indi was not interested in racing and his trainer let me have him for a great price. In the 4 months I have had him he has learned to play in the pasture with the other horses, he won his first hunter pace 3 weeks ago, and showed at his first horse show last week. He loves a nice gallop in the field and likes the attention he gets at horse shows. He is beginning to learn to like treats, although he still won’t eat a peppermint. He will begin jumping crossrails next summer (he is only 3) and hopefully will go hilltopping this winter, and foxhunting next year.  Here are some pictures of a wonderful ex-racehorse!
Kerry Kaylor”

Indi At a Hunter Pace

What a nice horse!  Congrats to Kerry on her fantastic purchase, and if anyone else out there has some nice stories about their CANTER horse – whether purchased from the track or adopted through our placement program, feel free to send them along!


4 responses to “Happy Endings

  1. jessicamorthole

    That is a great story and what a cute horse!

  2. what a beautiful horse! I’m so glad you have finally found a horse to ride you can call your own! Thanks for sharing your story.

  3. I find that anti-peppermint attitudes are more prevalent among TBs than other breeds. (The fact that horses ate peppermints at all was one of the things that charmed me most when I began riding 3+ years ago.)

    Congrats on the happy story (came here by way of FuglyBlog).

  4. Kerry has always had such a quiet and even disposition with horses. I’ll never fiorget how wonderful and caring she was to a broken down horse at a steeplechase to his last moments. I was so impressed. It does not surprise me one bit she would go for a resue horse. Her horse is one lucky horse. Best wishes Kerry.

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