It occurred to me yesterday, while watching Rosey load up on Jess’s trailer, that our blog titles are now officially outdated.  After all, Dixie is sold/gone.  And now Rosey will be moving to the blog about Dixie.  It seems sort of silly, though, to keep making new ones or retitle things, so this will officially stay the blog for all things other than Klondike, for my end.

The weekend here was fairly uneventful on the farm front.  Kat got some visitors in the form of horse-crazy children, who had a ball giving her attention and loving on her.  I didn’t really get a ton of riding in because I did a track visit on Saturday.

Going to the track, as usual, was both fun and a little frustrating.  I had several trainers show us horses who were very nice, but found out later the price was way high above what we can list on our site. In one case, I believe it’s optimistic but they may sell the horse as a racehorse and get the price.  In the other case… I’m not sure what they’re thinking.  Either way I can’t put them on CANTER, so there you go.  I took photos anyway, to practice, and because I like looking at horses and conformation later (at the very least I can follow the career of the one horse, and see if she does what her breeding and conformation suggests).

Of the other, listable horses, we saw a few real cuties Saturday, like this  guy:

Such a pretty boy, and well behaved too!

Such a pretty boy, and well behaved too!

and this pretty lady:

I love a redhead

I love a redhead

It’s funny, some of the trainers are really good at helping to pose the horses- and understand for the most part how to do it.  Others drop the lead rope and do jumping jacks to try and get the horses’ heads up.  We try to make suggestions, but it doesn’t always work 🙂  The chestnut mare above was far too interested in checking us out to get a good view of her neck, but it could have been much worse.

As always it’s a fun way to spend a morning, and we had a great group of volunteers 🙂  We were able to split up and get to about 90% of the track, while we usually only manage half.  Of course, it was the other “team” who got most of the listings from the weekend.

Our website has been a bit iffy lately due to being virus-ified, but appears to be functioning almost normally.  So keep your eyes peeled for the new additions from Charles Town! 🙂

Edited to add:  OK, I have to add this.  Every once in a while I take a gander at the stats thing on wordpress, which shows you where all your hits are coming from.  It will also tell you what search terms people are typing in to land on your blog.  Sometimes these search terms really make me laugh, but I’m rather mystified by one that led someone here yesterday:  “naked people on horses”

The very thought just makes me itchy.  Back to your regularly scheduled interwebz browsing…


4 responses to “Confusion!

  1. Splash and Ashlea

    Oh!!!! Is my computer going to let me look at the website again?!?!?! That would be fabulous! I”m SO addicted…..

  2. jessicamorthole

    Those two are lovely. Naked people on horses..really? Wow, now I might have to go look at blog stats.

    I have a lesson tonight so can’t ride Rosey but Tuesday will be the day. She is super confused why her buddy (escape by the sea is the chestnut’s name) is mugging over the fence with Charlie. Rosey just wants to eat.

    • Rosey is very much above those sorts of things 🙂 When we used to go on trail rides and the geldings would act all stupid, I swear she was thinking “what the heck is wrong with those doofuses?” or “boys are so stupid.” hehe.

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