Kat Starts to Look Like a Real Horse

It’s been a while since we had an update on Kat, huh? 

She is doing VERY well, and coming along nicely under saddle.  Her cruise control button is very slowly establishing itself, and her regular rider is very pleased to report that we finally have a LEFT LEAD canter.  This is very exciting, because the first couple times I rode her there was no way it was happening.  Laura, though, has finally gotten her cantering on the left lead, and from what I saw yesterday her balance is improving a ton.

Her body is also changing quite a bit.  Her baby-belly is pulling up from the ground, and there is muscle in her butt and along her back.   Her way of going is still a little shuffly behind, but also improving.  She’s starting to look all fancy!

And to show you all:

So Pretty I Almost Can't Take It

So Pretty I Almost Can't Take It

Ooh… looking again, looks like you can even see a hint of dapples! Yay!  It’s about time her looks matched her classy personality!

Trottin Along

Trottin Along

Look At Me, I'm FANCY!

Look At Me, I'm FANCY!

And remember folks, she’s available now.  Interested?  Pretty girl like her, for a bargain basement price!


2 responses to “Kat Starts to Look Like a Real Horse

  1. jessicamorthole

    She is lovely!

  2. Dear Canter MA — I just sent this page to my trainer, who is helping a student look for a horse. I think Kat might be a good fit for her. (I am Lori B on COTH) The rider is an adult ammy who lost a horse to colic last year and who could keep her at home — has a donk & a Clyde rescue at home now, for trails. I will talk her up. I think she’s very lovely. Is she pretty quiet (although green, I know)??



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