Prettiest Girls

I think CANTER has some of the prettiest mares of all time.  I posted Kat’s daughter Minnie last time, but check this fine lady out:

I may have nicked that from Allie.  She took it and owns it.  But look how lovely Miss Rosey is!  She is sleek and shiny, and oh so ready for someone to love her.  She has truly grown into herself- will have to nab some of the other photos to put on here, because it really is amazing how good she looks now.  When she’s not stuffing her face, anyway 🙂

As for the other ladies, Katerina continues to get better every day.  She got a pair of shoes last Friday, as she was starting to feel a little funky on her feet (though I suspect it felt funnier than it looked).  In any case, she was moving a tad bit “shuffly” and after getting her new feet, seems to be starting to get more into the idea of really throwing her feet out, which makes her look quite fancy.

Under saddle she is gaining confidence, so it is probably time to start asking a little more of her.  Consistent pace is not her strong point – her cruise control is a little tweaked, so we’re asking her to do things like spiralling in and out, small figure eights and serpentines, etc.  Not large patterns, but smaller ones that keep her from getting too quick, while simultaneously allowing us to keep some leg on and keep pushing her hind end under her.

Her belly is ever so slightly starting to come up, and the rest of her body has filled out nicely – so she’s really starting to look quite stunning. 

I'm so pretty...

I'm so pretty...


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