Odds and Ends

As mentioned on klon’s blog, I’ve been pretty busy lately, what with the moving and all that.  And though I took a whole bunch of pictures when we visited Humble Acres last weekend, I don’t really have a way to upload them, which is terribly sad.

Just the same, some updates 🙂

Katerina is doing well- with more time under saddle, she has developed a little bit of confidence and eagerness.  She actually was getting to the point where she didn’t really want to walk, and was so ready to get going, she’d try to jig around a little bit.  Enter Allie.  Sometimes all it really takes is one good reminder of what “manners” are, and Allie in one ride managed to remind her that walking is just fine. 

Additionally, the issue of her lack of flexibility is being addressed- not only are we doing attempting carrot stretches and such on the ground, Allie started really asking for some lateral flexion through the neck the other day.  From the ground, with tack on, she asked Kat to give to both sides- something that was very difficult for her and she kept trying to spin in circles instead of just relaxing and stretching through her neck (and back).  Eventually she began to figure it out, and after a couple repetitions seemed more able to do it. 

Kat is also gaining weight- she’s in the best of the field board fields, as far as grass goes, and she has expanded accordingly.  This makes two horses in the program that fit in my wide tree saddle originally purchased for a draft cross.  And here I was thinking of grabbing a medium narrow just for the canter ponies… ha!

Rosey has also expanded a little- not just outwards but upwards as well.  In our visit to Paradise Acres, we pulled her out to take a few new conformation shots and see how she looked.  She has evened out quite a bit- her front end matching the back, and at least a half inch (if not full inch) taller than she was last fall.  Along with the growth, she is looking super sound and moving even fancier than she was before.  Seriously, someone needs to buy this lady, she’s looking AWESOME and would look fantastic at some local hunter shows with a kid 🙂  Or eventing.  Either way!  She is fancy fancy fancy!

Cecil also joins the expanding waistline club.  And not only that, but Mr. Crankypants has even gotten friendly.  Towards the end of his stall rest, he was really quite irritable (can’t say I blame him) and tended towards trying to bite.  Time off in some rolling fields seems to have done him good, and he seems happy to get attention now.  He also looks fabulous, and appears to have healed quite well.  We had him trot around a bit to see how sound he looked, and he looked great.  The bow, which was really huge when he first came, looks minor now, about the same size as Klondike’s old one. 

Stephen is back from his foster home, and looks wonderful.  He has gained some weight and lost his fuzz, so is looking like a normal horse now.  He’s also been exposed to lots of trail riding and hunter paces, so comes back a little better educated. 

Leo, the new horse with the floppy ears and funny back, has settled in very nicely and loves it when we come to visit.  Like all the others, he is going through his “super sensitive” phase right now, and has a small case of hives and itchy skin.  His new joy in life is standing there while you scratch his chest.  He’ll also follow you around a bit and just rest his head ever so lightly on you.  Once he’s fixed up a little and sounder he’s going to make someone a great best friend.  And even with his slightly funny conformation, we get the sense that this horse might go the extra mile for you, and that he might surprise a lot of people once he gets going under saddle.

Baldface McGee, on the other hand, is not so thrilled with people at the moment.  He doesn’t do anything, or go running away, he just prefers to avoid interaction.  His feet are still bothering him quite a bit, although he is getting around better than he was.  When you try to approach him, he will let you get fairly close, but then walks or turns away.  It’s not so unusual, really, for a horse who is sore and not feeling good to react this way.  Time (and good footing/grass) should heal all 🙂 

Kat’s daughter Minnie looks amazing, and seems to have recovered 100% from the hock injury she sustained shortly after coming to CANTER (a puncture wound that required surgical intervention).  She will probably be entering a training program shortly, and looks to be a great hunter type like her mamma (but with a better hind end).

Admiral is now back at the Frederick Farm, and getting back into his groove of making trouble with Truckee.  They both look great, and Adam has gained back a significant amount of the weight he lost while at his last home (read about that on the adoption program page).   Adam should be trail ridable fairly soon, and will probably appreciate the attention. 

Mikey has a bit of a problem in that he has grown too rotund.  As a result, farm management has relegated him to the Jenny Craig paddock and forced him to wear a grazing muzzle.  Along with that muzzle goes a fly mask, to help prevent rubbing from the halter and muzzle, so he looks like a space alien horse right now.  He is not pleased with this situation but seems to be making the best of it.  Once I figure out getting pictures up, I’ll post some- he seriously looks like one of those horses from WWI, decked out with the gas mask and goggles:


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