New Ponies… And News!

Saturday, I went along with Allie to shuffle horses around, which of course meant a visit to Fat Horse Ranch, where I was delighted to not only see my favorites (TRUCKEE!!!!!!!!! Mikey!!!! Whisper!!!!) who are all starved for attention, but also to meet some new faces.  I even came up with a nickname for one.

Good Omen is a very tall bay gelding, with an honest and kind face, and giant ears that flop out to the side when he is relaxed.  Like, all the way out to the side.  As soon as Allie mentioned his lop ears, and I met him, I started calling him Leo.  He just looks like a Leo, and he has ears like the bunny in those storybooks I used to love when I was little(r).

Anybody else remember those? In finding that image I also found the complete list of titles, which brings back some serious memories.  Wow.  (sorry, random digression).

Leo and his companion (who has yet to receive an appropriate nickname) are just getting used to things at Club Paradise, and don’t seem sure what to make of things yet.  Both have some sore feet, and Leo is suffering from a mild case of hives as he gets used to things like sunlight and bugs and grass.

The other horse is a seriously flashy and sporty chestnut with more white than you usually see on a Thoroughbred.  His face is covered in a giant white splotch that covers one eye, and hooks upwards on his opposite jawbone.  He looks like a little paint horse.  At first, he seemed sort of hesitant about being sociable- he is quite sore not only in his feet, but in his body, and as a result he’s not sure he likes people.  As I hand grazed him for a while, he repetitively spooked himself with his own feet.  His attempts to reach the grass to begin with were a little sad, as he attempted to do it while also taking weight OFF his front feet. 

Time and care should see him much better, and after some serious attention from us (scrubbing his legs, rinsing his body with cool water, and lots of pats and scritches) he seemed to relax, and even tried to rub his head on me a little bit.  We turned him out, and he immediately went running to his buddy Leo- well, as well as he could run anyway.  They seem quite attached and immediately wandered off to a corner by themselves, away from the larger herd. 

So, it’s not a great picture, as it was raining and sort of miserable, and the two boys were feeling a little pathetic, but here they are:

New Guys- Not Sure What to Think

New Guys- Not Sure What to Think

You can see in the pic that Leo is standing a little splayed out- that seems to be a product of foot soreness, and should resolve itself as we get his feet better balanced and more comfortable.  The other guy was still wanting nothing to do with people there, but look at that face!  He’s built like a tank, and the more I looked at him, the more I liked what I saw.  He’ll be one to watch as he gets to feeling better, mark my words 🙂

In other news, about a week ago a small article came out in the Frederick News Post about the retraining effort.  I neglected to pop it in here because I’ve been crazy busy, but go read now!  Also, there’s a video under the multimedia header- as much as I HATE seeing myself on video and hearing myself talk, you can get a little glimpse of Miss Kat during her second ever ride.  Complete with cameos from former CANTER horse Piper (the chestnut with the giant blaze) and my own horse (the grey one who really wants a treat).

Also, any suggestions on names for that new flashy boy would be appreciated.  I kind of like “Jake” but I’m not sure it fits him yet. So if you have better ideas, go on and post them!


3 responses to “New Ponies… And News!

  1. Kym & Guinness

    I was thinking of some sort of Super Hero name for the adorable chestnut–since it looks like he is wearing a mask. Lone Ranger, Green Hornet? Or just simply Super Hero!?

  2. you did an awesome job in the interview!

  3. He reminds me of Spuds McKenzie – with the colors reversed, or course!

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