Kat Leads the Way

Miss Kat has been getting slowly back into the routine of being worked- the baby belly is tightening up a little bit, we’re doing a routine of stretches after riding to get her more limber (she’s awfully stiff!), and getting her ready for her very own person (we KNOW you’re out there somewhere!!!).

In addition to ring work, she’s been going on trail rides where she’s been fabulous.  She crosses water, handles mud (she doesn’t LIKE mud much, but she deals!), is OK with deer and small dogs running past her, and handled the somewhat innapropriate attention my gelding was giving her with class.

Heading Out

Heading Out

What a brave mare!  She’d never been on a trail ride before, and she was perfectly happy about it.  She reminded me of Rosey, whose trail attitude was mostly curiousity and eagerness- “what’s around the next corner?”  Kat just wanted to scope everything out, and acted like a perfect lady.

This Ain't Nothin'

This Ain't Nothin'

That’s her first water crossing.  It was preceeded by a whole lot of nasty mud, which she wasn’t too fond of.  Her way of figuring it out was to lean back a little, and test the depth of the mud with her front foot.  As soon as she knew how deep it was and where the footing was, she marched on through like a soldier.  When she got to the water, she only hesitated for a split second before figuring it out and moving on like it was nothing. 

C'mon, let's get moving!

C'mon, let's get moving!

It was almost like she was saying, “hmph!  let’s MOVE, people! We’re on a mission!”  yet at the same time, she was perfectly happy to sit and wait for us all to catch up.

Isn’t she lovely?  Don’t you want to take her home?  🙂


One response to “Kat Leads the Way

  1. oh my goodness just got your comment now. figuring it out one day at a time! Thanks for your comment. I’m filled with envy that you went horseback riding!!!! Have a beautiful day! lulu

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