I Don’t Even Know Where to Start

I know you’re supposed to begin at the beginning, or go in chronological order, at least, but so much stuff has been going on lately it’s all competing for priority in my brain.

So let’s see… Katerina’s Song has officially commenced riding training. Our volunteer Laura has been working with her on lunging and progressively increasing her exercise time, and so last Tuesday, Allie decided she was more than ready to begin being ridden. Her first ride went incredibly well- she stood for mounting and though weak and green, she was very willing. Her second ride took place the next day, after Klondike came in with a giant neck hematoma and I thought better of asking him to work in front of a local newspaper videographer. So who do I grab? The mare with one ride who doesn’t like the indoor so much (it was also POURING).

She was a superstar- she walked, trotted, and did a tiny amount of cantering in each direction, as I talked a little bit about teaching steering and cruise control. She also was a great example of the “standing at the mounting block” problem. 🙂

In the days since then, Kat has had several more ring rides and also her first trail ride, where she let 99% of the way, crossed mud and water, and didn’t flinch at stampeding wildlife. She will be appearing on the website soon as available for adoption 🙂

In other news, on Saturday Charles Town Races presented the first annual Charles Town Classic. The big race was worth 500,000 to the winner, with a bonus for winners of graded stakes races. Commentator, the Nick Zito trained favorite, was eligible to take home 1,000,000 if he won. Instead, Researcher, a local horse stabled at the Chaz, took home the number one spot in a thrilling and amazing finish.

Russell Road, another fantastic Chaz horse (yay!!!!) also dominated and beat out the ship-ins in a spectacular drive to the finish. I mention all that simply because it was very exciting, and I sincerely LOVE seeing “our” horses beat out the horses who had only come to town for the bigger than normal prize money. Russell Road was also the SOLE West Virginia-bred horse in his race. I’m very happy for their connections- they are trainers we see and communicate with regularly, and the wins could not have happened to better people. ALSO, Charles Town picked that historic night to present CANTER mid-atlantic with a grant, in official Winners’ Circle, Ed McMahon check style. It was a really wonderful moment for us- getting that kind of support directly from track management is very meaningful. 🙂

Did I mention we also had a great time? 🙂

Sunday dawned impossibly early, it seemed like I’d just gotten home, but it was soon time to accompany Allie up to Delaware to meet with Delaware Park track management about starting up track listing and rehoming from that track. It was a very exciting meeting- the people up at Delaware are fantastic, tuned in to the issues, and I think we will be working out of that track soon 🙂 It is also a beautiful facility. Granted, my track experiences are basically Pimlico and Charles Town, where one sees a lot of concrete. Delaware Park is totally different- grass and a surrounding golf course make for a beautiful, park-like setting. Even the saddling paddock is beautiful (with a mulched walking circle and more beautiful surroundings!

As I’m sure most of our readers LOVE browsing the listings, I figured this would be an exciting and welcome development 🙂

And now… a few days of normalcy, before shipping off for ROLEX!!!!! 🙂


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