In… and back out again…

I’ve been seriously neglecting this blog… with good reason!  Over the (long) weekend, I travelled down to Southern Pines, NC, to spectate at a three day event with some friends.  So I didn’t get to do any riding (other than a nice moseying trail ride on goose), and haven’t really played with any of the resident CANTER ponies.  And of course, I’m leaving again tomorrow for an extra-long-weekend so there won’t be any more fun updates for a while.  Sorry!

But, just as a quick tidbit, some friends who stalk various mailing lists have spied some updates about Afton- now re-christened “Owen” which is adorable!  Apparently he is doing well, is playing lead pony on trail rides when the experienced ones aren’t, and is coming along in his flatwork.  Hopefully we will have a more thorough update at some point 🙂

In other news, I thought it was great fun that we spied several Charles Town Racetrack alums over the weekend at the event.  Not only Brandenburg’s Joshua (who I mentioned last year after Rolex), but “Anthony Patch,” who is ridden by Laine Ashker.  I have some great photos of him to upload at some point, but like many horses leaving Charles Town, he may have been a little undervalued.  At the end of his racing career, he was a little off and stiff and probably not much to look at, and was purchased for a whopping $500 or so (yep, through CANTER trainer listings), then after a short time sold on to Ashker, who is competing with him at the Intermediate level. 

Since the bulk of our horses come from Charles Town, it makes us a little giddy to see them doing well 🙂

And now… I am off!


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