Next Up….

With Afton off to his new home (and extra large stall, by all accounts), we had some room to bring in the next super fun and interesting project horse.

As planned, that horse is Katerina’s Song, a 14 year old ex-broodmare, who as far as we know has not been ridden since her track days.  She is also the mother of a lovely dark bay mare named Minnie, who is also in our program.

In true storybook fashion, mother and daughter seemed to recognize each other, and when Kat arrived at the Funny Farm Racehorse Spa late last year, the two became nearly inseperable.  Every single time I was out there, it seemed like they were hanging out together.  This had me a little apprehensive- it felt sort of mean to drag them apart again, even though the logical side of my brain knows that they will survive and get over it, and probably not dwell on it nearly as much as I do.

Kat and Minnie

Kat and Minnie

So after taking a tour of the farm and meeting some delightful new horses, I trekked up the giant hill to fetch Kat.  Of course she was standing with Minnie, and made me feel immediately like the most horrible person in the universe.  Kat came along quite willingly and happily, but of course Minnie followed us most of the way in.  Several times, Minnie let out a little whinny, and at one point I looked back to see Minnie just standing on the crest of the hill looking rather forlorn.

After we got out of the field, Minnie came to the gate and let out a few more whinnies.  So did Kat.  I felt like the most miserable excuse for a human being of all time, of course.

But then it was over.  Minnie watched us another minute, then galloped back to the rest of the herd.  I guess that was that.

We did a little soundness check on Kat, to make sure she was ready to go learn to be a horse, and she looked phenomenal.  I know people only rarely want ex-broodmares to do anything special with, but this is one fancy lady- when she’s fitted up and cleaned up and back in work, she’s going to  be amazing (that’s my prediction, anyway).

Once at Southwind, it was time for a few before  pictures:

Such a lovely lady...

Such a lovely lady...

Who wants a hug?

Who wants a hug?

I’m really excited about this horse.  I have a soft spot for the broodmares- I’ve known several and they just seem like special ladies.  Kat is no exception 🙂  I also know it’s a challenge- as I’ve learned, it can be hard to find homes for even sound young horses with lots of promise.  A 14 year old mare who hasn’t been ridden since her racing days seems like a less exciting prospect to some people.

We’re going to have to start slow with this one, I think.  It’s been a while since she’s seen tack, or had anyone on her back.  I still predict she’ll be fabulous 🙂


One response to “Next Up….

  1. She’s GAWGEOUS! I love her face =)))

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