We’ve Been Busy Bees

My apologies for being a sort of quiet blog-writer. 🙂  The main events of the last few weeks have largely involved people coming out to try horses, and I never know how much to write about that.  In any case, Afton in the last several weeks was tried by three people, and I have to share what a star he was 🙂

I always feel a little tiny bit of anxiety handing over the reins- you never know exactly what will happen.  I know we give these guys a pretty good grounding in being chill, but just the same, if you’ve never seen someone ride, you don’t know how things will go.  Afton had a bit of a range in his three riders- abut handled them all very professionally.  Not that he went like a seasoned veteran- he still is a very green boy, but changing riders didn’t seem to upset him in the least, and when in doubt, he slowed down, which I always love in a horse.

One of those riders, who had been eye-ing him for quite some time, is the lucky lady who is taking him home (as we speak, actually).  She promised Allie that she would send frequent updates for the blog, and is aiming him at a career in eventing, which I definitely think will suit him very well.  I admit I’m very excited to see how he does and if he gets to competing, I might even have to take a road trip to watch.   So…. congratulations, Afton!

Which brings us to the fun part!  Who’s next?  So far, the plan is to swing a little bit in the other direction, and bring in a very nice quality mare who was used as a broodmare for a while.  She’s actually the dam of another horse in the program, who is shaping up to be a very nice hunter (well, I’m theorizing.  Or projecting.  heh). 

We anticipate that momma-mare will be quite a nice trail horse and friend.  She certainly has a lovely disposition and I’m really looking forward to having her around.  She should be moving to Southwind tomorrow in the early afternoon, so we will have a set of really shaggy before pictures shortly 🙂


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