Weekend Video

I did finally manage to get some video up from the gymnastic lesson on Sunday. Yay me! Because I’ve already described the lesson, I’ll just jump right in.

Here is Stephen jumping the gymnastic line to the right. it’s not as bad as some of our other passes, but you can still see us drifting right as we progress down the line:

And here it is to the left, cantering in with me actually sitting, mostly. I find Allie’s narration particularly amusing on this one 🙂

And lastly, here is Stephen totally saving my butt when we put the gymnastic together with the bending line. We hadn’t actually cantered an approach to single jump or line at this point (the videos are out of order… oops!) and there was some wiggling on the way in. I think what saved us on the way out was that same right side weakness that can sometimes cause problems. We weren’t straight on to the oxer, and were actually a bit to the left with a very easy “out” had he wanted to run out to the left. But that’s just not his tendency (and later, when we reversed direction, we did have that problem), so despite a pretty horrible distance he saved my butt and went. Good boy!

Short bending lines like that aren’t really my specialty to begin with, and jumping is still pretty new. So I’m not too worried about some of the difficulties we had with that. And as I already mentioned in regards to the gymnastic, much of that is rider error- he’s quite perceptive to shifts in balance from the rider, probably more than most horses because he’s still fairly weak. He’s also smart about his rider shortcomings- if he comes to realize you have an issue with something, he’ll call you out on it. Not in the bad way, like some horses can, but in the “well if you’re not going to do it right then I’m just going to go over here…” sort of way.

Stephen got new shoes yesterday, as did Parker (the new dude). Allie is going to write up some stuff on him so I’ll leave her to it, except to say that I am INSANELY jealous of her first ride on him, because he is a SUPER cool horse. 🙂 He really looks like he’ll develop into a fantastic horse…


One response to “Weekend Video

  1. Finally watching the vids- that is one balanced canter for a greenie! You look good up there nothing like the babies to make you ride straight 🙂

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