Fun With Stephen

Today was a bit of a bone chiller for me… I started out with a trip to the track, which wasn’t the most productive one I’ve been on but it’s always fun.  Going out in cold weather is sort of a crapshoot- the horses are still out working, but it seems not many people linger around the barns, so sometimes we don’t see a lot of people.

On the other hand, I did get to meet this lovely fellow, so all wasn’t lost:

Hello, Would Like New Person Soon!  kthx, bai

Hello, Would Like New Person Soon! kthx, bai

Doesn’t he have gorgeous eyes?  Either way, I was pretty frozen after all that walking around.  Fortunately, a grilled cheese and a hot chocolate at the track kitchen got me going again, and it was onwards (and upwards!) to the barn for a ride on Stephen.

Poor Stevie- he’s been outside in this horrible weather, and we had an icky ice storm last week.  He probably hasn’t moved (except between the shed, the hay, and the water) since Tuesday.  So when I hopped on, he felt a little wonky.  He seemed to work out of it as we went around, so we set up a little jump to get documentation, and got to work.

(for higher quality, click here)

Sometimes, when watching video, I’m amazed anybody lets me onto these horses.  I was practically waterskiing on the landing side of that fence.  I can tell you, in my own defense, that it really felt much bigger and crazier than it looks.  Really.

We added a placing pole to the mix, figuring that would be helpful in getting things sorted out.

(or go to the link)

Yay!  Cute Stephen!!!!)

Then we got way fancy and added a landing pole too, which he eventually figured out:

(or here)

And then we finished with a little vertical.  To the right, he likes to shift his hindquarters out, probably from being a little weak (he did that in the first video, big time!)  When we fix it, he jumps much better.

(link here)

SO cute!  The coolest thing is his landing- like Afton, this horse is pretty casual about the jumping thing, and he lands in a very nice and ridable canter- the kind wannabe hunter princesses like me love, because you can just sit there and enjoy the scenery, and it’s comfortable as anything.   These guys are so much fun, I’m still sort of astounded anybody lets me do this kind of thing!  Thanks Allie!


One response to “Fun With Stephen

  1. Awesome videos!! You guys look great! He looks like a smart, sensible guy, and beautiful too!

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