Can it Please Stop Raining Now?

I did see some sunlight over the weekend, which was a welcome change.  But now it appears we are back to dreary and rainy.  Tomorrow the pastures will be knee-deep mud again, and I’m sure my horse will lose part of his $200 pedicure.

But enough whining!  There is a new CANTER blog out there, following the adventures of Gutenberg, the big chestnut who came in with Stephen.  He is now in training with Jeannette Ford from NC, and recently he took a field trip to Southern Pines for his first trail ride and jumping experiences.

Read and Enjoy!

I will add that to the blogroll when I get it figured out.

It’s interesting to see how “Goose” is doing and compare him with Stephen- they came not only at the same time but from the same place.  Yet Stephen had a harder time adjusting and seems a little “behind” Goose in a couple of ways (even though he has been trail riding and doing light ringwork for a while now). 

I actually hopped on Stephen over the weekend, too, just to see how he felt, and get him working a little more than he has been.  He does seem to be picking up energy, compared to the last time I hopped on (he brought new meaning to kick-along quiet that day, I think he was sleepwalking).  He also mastered trotting poles.  In addition he has moved into a different field at the barn, one with a pretty substantial hill.  So hopefully he will be developing some new butt muscles soon.

Tonight we’ll be continuing efforts to give Stephen a trace clip.  I started over the weekend, only to find my clippers had a bit of trouble with some skin/hair gunk that was lying in wait underneath an otherwise clean exterior.  I got his chest, and some under his neck, but gave up when my clippers started to overheat, despite my best efforts.  I did find, however, that Stephen accepts both the vacuum cleaner and clipping (I also cleaned up his face a little bit as well). 

In News of The Cute, I also snapped some pictures of Sister with Deidra, so enjoy 🙂



I am a cute poneee!

I am a cute poneee!

Rocking Horse Canter

Rocking Horse Canter

 Sister turns out to have a wonderful, super-balanced, and adorable canter.  She looks (and feels) like a little rocking horse, and she seems to naturally beat out an even, metronome-like rhythm as she goes around.  There’s still some un-evenness to her, going to the right she appears a little bit off, but so far it looks like something that should abate with work and more careful attention to her feet (her right front hoof is slightly clubbed, and she also came off the track with some soreness in one ankle which she likely has been compensating for).  But overall, quite a happy little pocket pony. 



One response to “Can it Please Stop Raining Now?

  1. Awww..Sister is very cute. This rain is annoying between the mud and horrible footing I seem to lose all motivation. I love all the reports of the different horses on all the farms. I envy your indoor 🙂

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