Happy New Year!!!!!

OK, it’s time to change the mood around here back to normal, don’t you think? So we have a couple of horses to update on today.

First up is the new apple of my eye, Afton. He threw a bit of a scare into me the other day. After a more contentious ride than normal, I dismounted to find his respiration unusually, and alarmingly, high. A long period of handwalking didn’t seem to help, and I was starting to feel a bit panicky. After talking to the barn owner and vet, we gave him a little banamine and kept him in overnight. His temperature was a little high, but everything else (including attitude) was normal. Today he seemed completely normal.

My big plan for the day was to lunge him, to see if he responded normally to work, and then to have a little beauty shop day. Lunging (and yes, I know some people spell it longeing, and others longing, but that’s how I spell it!) went well, except he’s incredibly one sided- going to the right he really wanted to turn in, and when that didn’t work, he actually tried to turn out, something I’ve rarely experienced before, and which led to some frantic scrambling around with the lunge line. Additionally, stopping on the circle (a HUGE thing with me. I hate it when horses stop and turn in) was a bit of a challenge, but by the end he seemed to almost get it.

He did have more normal respiration after that bit of exercise, so tomorrow I’ll ride and it should be all systems go. Beautification went well- we’ve now confirmed Afton is fine for mane pulling and clipping. I trimmed up his face and took out the giant ear tufts, and he looks much more manly now 🙂

stephen-1Stephen had a very good day today, working on his number one priority: gaining weight. He’s starting to develop a belly, but still has very little on his topline and needs to fill out also through his neck and put a little padding on those shoulders. In addition to working his way through an extra feeding of alfalfa pellets, grain, rice bran pellets, and oil (and platinum performance, and probiotics… sounds like quite a soup, eh?) he is also ready to start working more, to try and build up some muscle in those weak areas. His ride time has been increased and he is doing more trotting. In addition we will be adding some trot poles and similar work to start building up some muscle.

Stephen takes his volunteer for a spin

Stephen takes his volunteer for a spin

So far he is very quiet and predictable under saddle. He looks at some things here and there, but he’s a genuinely good horse who seems to want to take care of his rider. He’s trotting a little shorter than I remember from a few months ago- I think he’s just gotten used to not doing much (and needs some muscle/strength). But I know that gorgeous mover is still in there!

Lastly, we have a new arrival who just came in from the Funny Farm. Call Sister, the just turned four year old (as of today), is now hanging with Afton in turnout and gearing up to start her re-education.

OK, Let's Get This Show on the Road!

OK, Let's Get This Show on the Road!

Even though we tore her away from her BFF Wek, Sister came more or less happily along with us, loading with zero fuss and trailering quite well. She was understandably a little nervous about her new barn, but settled in quickly. It took a little musical-blankets to find her one that fit, but she’s now fully equipped.

After a little time out with her new turnout buddies, Deidra brought her in to hop on her (I think she’s been dying to do this for MONTHS). Sister is a little more the stereotypical TB than our other guys (or wait… I guess that means the stereotype is actually the exception to the rule? I don’t know.) and was definitely not in the mood to walk, jigging a little around the ring and not wanting to stop. She didn’t do anything drastic but appeared a little uncomfortable about her new surroundings (and I’m pretty sure the pigeons scrambling around in the rafters and inside the walls were not helping). She’ll be a little more complicated than Klondike and Rosey, I think, but all in all she seems smart, and she had A LOT to take in today.

Deidra wants to call her “Lace” but I’m not sure that fits. But then again, I don’t actually know her enough to have any idea what fits and what doesn’t, either. She’ll be an interesting one to watch- cute as a button 🙂 She’s also taller than I remember. I see her in the field all the time, but always thought of her as Rosey-sized. But standing on level pavement with her, I think she may have a few inches on Roseyness.

Tomorrow will be a fun filled day of farriery- Afton and Stephen will be getting shoes (and possibly “Lace” as well). Some more beauty shop is in the works, as both Stephen and Sister need some tidying up.


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