She Lives!

And she says, “Happy Holidays!”

Too adorable for words

Too adorable for words


In other news, our little CANTER blogs have won an award from the equineink blog.  Yay us!

aw! Someone likes us!

aw! Someone likes us!

Of course, that means we also have the following responsibility:

  • Add the award logo to your blog, as well as a link to the person who bequeathed it to you.
  • Nominate at least one other blog for the award, explain why you like the blog(s), and provide link(s).
  • Leave a comment notifying your nominee(s) that the butterfly has landed.
  • So, I suppose I will be reading around for other super awesome blogs… I do know several (not necessarily pony related, too). 

    Anyway, hope everyone is well.  I’ve been under the weather all week so have no pony reports, but should be back to horsing around tomorrow!

    One response to “She Lives!

    1. Congrats on the award! And I like your Holiday Pony!

      Sorry you’ve been under the weather. No fun getting sick for the holidays!

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