I don’t know where to write!

So, I’ve been out of town for a little over a week, and things go all topsy turvy on me! 

While gone, Allie took Rosey and some other ponies to a hunter pace up in PA, where Rosey met with the lovely lady who had adopted Klondike.  So Rosey stayed there on a little trial basis, and was poof! not in her stall when I returned.  Unfortunately, it may not be quite the magical match that Klondike was, such is the way with these beasts. 

So, who to play with today?

Well, Klondike of course (see my confusion? This is the new blog, but I rode the other horse.  DO I put it here? In Klondike’s still-existing blog?  Or copy this and post to both? Decisions!). Klon has had his shoes pulled and is back out with a large group of buddies at the Fat Farm.  I used to call it the “funny farm” because it was filled with funny horses, but currently Truckee is a little depressed (he missed Bid), and, well… Klondike is positively FAT.  As in, I actually walked by him in the field while looking for him.  He doesn’t look obese or anything, but he was slouching, standing with his rear to me, and with his little ears I mistook him for one of the resident Quarter horses. 

I finally figured it out, spent a few minutes feeling like a complete dumb-head, and went to work cleaning him up.  He’s grown a long mane, so will need that pulled, and his feet need some work.  His front hooves have that same flatness about the sole that his hinds used to have, and as a result he’s a little sore on rocks and gravel.  But since he seemed fairly comfortable on grass, I decided to hop on for a few minutes.

Fortunately, his old girth still fits him.  He doesn’t seem rusty at all, quitting his giraffe impression after one circuit of the little ring.  He was a little wiggly, back to his old game of head going one way and body the other.  We worked on actually going INTO the corners, and also trotting for more than three steps before losing all energy and stopping (I’ve been sick, but I don’t remember him being that much work, heh!)

After some more quality time with me and a big bag of carrots gifted to us by a boarded who had too many (her horse seemed mystified.  Too many carrots?  You must be kidding!), I brought him back out and found another pony to annoy.  Who was the lucky lad?  Afton!  He’s adorable, and very much three.  For being three, though, he is very easy to work with and groom, stands well for flyspray and is a joy to be around.  He doesn’t understand horse cookies.  He took one, but wasn’t sure why, so he sat there with the cookie on his tongue and sucked on it, instead of eating it.

Afton, being beautiful

Afton, being beautiful

I saddled him up (and what a good boy for saddling!  Stood perfectly still and everything!) and headed to the ring, where we walked around a bit first and walked over poles, and took a look at the jumps and other obstacles.  He was far more concerned with the other horses he could see from the ring- horses he didn’t know.  Better yet, girls!  He was fascinated with the girls, and kept wanting to stop and look at them.

Once I was sure he was pretty chill with everything (duh, this the horse we actually had to flick with the lunge whip to get him to do more than eat when we were trying to see if he was sound) I headed to the mounting block.  Again, such a good boy! He stands for mounting better than any of the horses I’ve been up on so far, which really impressed me.  He walked away when I asked, and then I asked him to stop again.  He didn’t quite get the whoa the first time, but I got him stopped.  After that, every time I said “whoa” he stopped like a good boy.  Getting him trotting took some effort.  He needs a cheerleading section to get him going- kicking and that sort of thing won’t do it, you have to be more positive, like “cmon little guy! You can do it! Gooooooo AFTON!  Gimme an A! Gimme an F!”  He eventually tried trotting a few steps, then stopped.  We repeated that a few times before he finally trotted around the ring with something approaching a normal trot. 

Since he’s three, he has a short attention span, so we quit with that.  But what a good horse- he’ll be something really special, I think.


edited to add:  It makes me enormously happy to learn (via wordpress’s fun little “blog stats” feature) that googling “monkey on horse” brings you to this blog.  *sniff*


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