CANTER Mid-Atlantic Auction Time!

Just a brief announcement for anyone checking in on Miss Rosalicious:

It is TIME for the fall online auction to benefit CANTER.  It should at least pay for all the antibiotics she’s on.  In any case, it works sort of like ebay, but in a message board format.  If you list an item, you are responsible for setting the terms and shipping it. 

We will be accepting items through October 9.  If you have something, head on over to:

Register, then add your item.  Also take some time to lookey-lou around, there’s some neat stuff popping up, with more to come over the next week.

I will be out of town for a little while with a family thing, so if you need help, hang tight, I will get to it eventually. 

As for Rosish, she unfortunately still had a little hitch in her getalong tonight, so her blind date with a prospective person has been postponed. 

Lastly, if you are in the Maryland area, BE SURE to head over to Laurel for the Maryland Million on Saturday.  It should be a beautiful day, with the best racing Maryland has to offer.  Some CANTER alums will be making a guest appearance on the track after the seventh race- go cheer them on!


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