Busy Weekend

Firstly, the Roseyness update.  A lovely girl came out on Friday night to try her out, which went pretty well.  Rosey’s getting to be a pro at the whole thing, and was her sweet usual self.  It’s fun to see other people on her, because when you’re up there all the time, you miss things like that cute little toe flick she does, or how adorably she looks when she stretches and arches her neck.  And she does look adorable! 

Over the past week we’ve actually had some issues with her, nothing major, but as is the way with horses, she managed to tear up the inside of one of her hind legs pretty well (really, could the timing be any better?) and after a few days started going a little lame on that leg.  So it was onto antibiotics and a little bute, and though she’s much better now, we’re learning that she’s a teeny bit of a princess.  Like, if the scab pulls a little bit, her response is “oh nooooo! My leg! I think it’s falling off!!!”  Being used to a horse who will walk pretty sound even if he’s sliced open an artery and is gushing blood and bone chips everywhere, I find this a little amusing.  She’s like the princess in “The Princess and the Pea” I think.  She really needs a tiara. 

In other news, I have a new boyfriend, and his name is Whisper.  Whisper is out at the Funny Farm, and melted my heart quite a while ago when he very quietly rested his head against my shoulder for some love.  In his last race, years ago, Whisper suffered a condylar fracture of one of his hind legs (that’s when the part at the end of the bone cracks- the knuckle part of the bone, if that makes sense).  He was cared for for quite some time by a worker at the track who had become attached to him.  When his life took a little unexpected turn recently, Whisper needed a place to go, and that was… well, it was us.

Hello, I am so handsome!

Hello, I am so handsome!

When I first saw him he was not sound.  He could walk around out in the field OK, but it was apparent that the leg was weak and sustained movement started to bother him.  So when we went out last week and saw he was moving quite sound behind, it was a nice moment.  So yesterday, Whisper went for his very first ride since the day he hurt himself at the track.  He stood better than Rosey for being tacked up, and even for mounting.  He gets steering, and brakes, and passed the hug test (when you drop the reins and throw your arms around their neck, what do they do?  Well, Whisper stops).  So we did what any sane people mounted on ex-racehorses with zero retraining would do, and went for a nice trail ride.  He was a star, even going for a little splash in the river. 

Because he’s a very special boy, I’ll probably be talking about him in here every so often.  And hopefully we’ll be updating the main CANTER page soon to reflect the bajillion horses out at the funny farm who are not quite ready for adoption.  But there are some nice ones, so the coming months will be pretty exciting. 

In another sad little twist, Klondike is back as well.  This is a little disappointing, as much as I adore him, I really thought we’d made the perfect match.  And actually, we did make the perfect match- except that Klondike was apparently highly allergic to something at his new owner’s farm.  She went way above and beyond in her attempts to get it figured out and fixed, including enrolling him in an allergy study at New Bolton.  But I think I’d been really looking forward to all those wonderful reports about great rides and hunter paces, so as much as I love seeing his adorable face, I’m sad that it didn’t work out. 

Hello... I missed you!

Hello... I missed you!

One response to “Busy Weekend

  1. will klondike be up from adoption soon then?

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