Fun With Pedigree Query

In case you didn’t already know, I am a huge nerd.  I love history and trivia and such, so looking at pedigrees has become a little hobby of mine.  I’m not really brilliant at looking at a pedigree to say what kind of quality a horse will be or what he will be good at, I’m pretty much the nerd that points and says, “hey! That horse was FAMOUS!”  So here is my geek-review of Miss Rose’s Pedigree.

First off, you can see it here, thanks to the fantastic site  Of course I have to note that this site is largely user controlled, so there are some errors here and there.  I am operating under the assumption that this is all exactly right, because it’s way more fun that way.

At first, when I looked, I thought it was all very ho-hum, as (being an ignorant nerd), the names I recognized immediately were Princequillo and Nasrullah.  Because those are in practically every pedigree.  But there’s some interesting stuff in here.

Rose’s grandma “Honey Fox,” for instance, was a great racehorse.  She won well over $500,000, and was successful in graded stakes races.  Of course, it doesn’t appear her foals had the same success. There is a handicap race named after this mare, won in 2007 by Precious Kitten (owned by Lael Stables, owners of the fantastic Barbaro). Oops, getting a little off track there.

Then we have Rose’s great-granddad “Round Table:”

Round Table
Round Table

Round Table (by Princequillo) was a very successful racehorse, with 31 Stakes wins on his record and $1,750,000 in earnings.  He was the third horse ever to earn over one million dollars (at the time, only Citation and Nashua had done so).

In Rose’s pedigree, Round Table was bred to a mare named Moccasin, who was also no slouch.  She shared Horse of the Year honors in 1965, and went on to produce seven stakes winners of her own. 
In the fifth generation, we see a mare named Shenanigans.  Shenanigans was the 1975 Broodmare of the year- and is probably best known as the dam of the phenomenal Ruffian.


In the sixth generation, there’s another famous broodmare: Somethingroyal, who was the mother of the legendary Secretariat and 1973 Broodmare of the Year.  Despite never really being a successful racehorse herself, she produced four stakes winners and five more who were stakes-placed.
Normally, when you get this far back it seems silly to care, as so many Thoroughbreds these days share those far back ancestors.  But since I am a nerd, I had to notice a few other tidbits about Rose’s pedigree.
Going back further, we see four of the biggest names of the 1920 racing season: Golden Broom, John P. Grier, the incomparable Man O’War, and Upset (the only horse to ever beat Man O’ War) 
There’s also an awful lot of a horse named Teddy.  Almost every American horse (and some of the French ones) in the fifth generation of Rose’s pedigree traces back to him, some multiple times. 
 Why is this interesting?  I don’t know, except that he’s so prevalent it made me raise my eyebrows.  More interesting, maybe, is that the Teddy offspring appearing most often in Rose’s pedigree is a horse named Sir Gallahad
And if you search through, looking for pictures of Sir Gallahad, you see something interesting:
Sir Gallahad

Sir Gallahad

See it? No? Not yet?  Try this picture (sorry, would pop it in here but don’t want to make the TBheritage gods angry!)
It’s like… Rose.  The neck, the head, overall build… it could be her brother, not her great-great-great-great-great grandfather (and also her great-great-great-great-great-great-grandfather, as the case may be, since he appears a bunch of times in her pedigree).  When I showed this last pic to Allie the other day, she called it the “Gallahead.” 
Rose had another session with Liza and the reporter yesterday, too- this time with video!  Hopefully we will have the full story soon so we can post it here 🙂

4 responses to “Fun With Pedigree Query

  1. Cool! I also love exploring the depths of pedigree query. It’s really neat to see how all those horses relate to yours.

  2. necesito imformaciom del semental imperial ballet donde esta y si esta vivo hijo de sardwels

  3. juan, I looked for information for you but had difficulty finding much. In 2006 he was at Ballyhane Stud in Ireland, I’ve written to them for more information for you. 🙂

  4. hola amigo jo llame a ballyhaney me dijeron que imperial ballet lo habian vendido para italia en sicilia por favor ajudarme a conseguirlo te agradesco un abraso y gracias

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