Rosey Embraces Fame

Well, sort of.  Yesterday Rosey got a visit from a reporter from the Washington Post, who was taking notes for a story on the retraining program.  She behaved like the star she is, and showed off her skills in the Pessoa lunging rig.  Liza worked her in both directions, showing how she is much weaker to the right and showing the things you have to do to work a horse out of that. 
Rosey Gets Famous
Rosey Gets Famous

Later today, they will be coming back to snag some video of under saddle work, and tomorrow they will be learning about chiropractors and the various physical things that need to be taken care of with ex-racing thoroughbreds, and also observing a “learning to jump” session (which, with Rosey, can be particularly interesting).

And then, on Thursday, her royal highness Rosey will be entertaining her first potential adopter.  As usual, this prospect is exciting and sad at the same time, as I’ve grown quite attached.  Little Rosey stole my heart recently, just by turning her head and leaning it on me a little.  I’m such a softy. 
Since I don’t have much to update on riding-wise, here are some more photos from the show.  Enjoy!
Relaxing in Warmup

Relaxing in Warmup


Hey, her head isnt above mine this time!

Hey, her head isn't above mine this time!


Standing In the Lineup

Standing In the Lineup





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