Trail Rides Gone Wild

Well, not really really wild, because Rose is fine on trails…

Today we went for a mosey with Allie, on TRUCKEE!, and Lisa on Woodmeister, figuring a mosey would be good as she’s been getting some work lately.  We headed out and everything was going very well.  Truckee needed a little help getting over having other horses go away from him (Lisa wanted to jump the tires with Woods, but when she went ahead, truckster got a little worried).  Working on that for a few minutes, though, Truck got over it. 

Rose has been through that drill enough times that it’s old hat, of course.  However, she still needs work as far as being Camera Horse.  We tried to take some pics of Woods jumping, but Rosey (while not being worried or being bad) did not understand that full stillness and cooperation are vital assets for the Camera Horse, and as a result we got a lot of this:

Woody Conquers the Tires

Woody Conquers the Tires

After this, we wandered around the woods for a little bit, then decided to go back to the good part of the stream, so we could practice wading (which again, Rosey mastered the last time out, but the boys are… well, distractable).  We arrived in the water, and Rosey happily led the way down the stream, when… well… video speaks for itself:

Gotta hand it to Rose, she paid absolutely no mind to their shenanigans (if you think Woody also did not want to lay down in the water, you’d be wrong) and rolled her eyes at them.  She was smart, and decided that the grass and greens on the bank of the stream were far more interesting than the idiot geldings and munched until they had all recovered their wits.

Back at the barn, we hopped over the little log and the ditch a few times, and suffered through another green moment (they’re getting rarer and rarer!).  We also decided that since she is packing on weight like a champ, it was a good time to take a new conformation picture.  Of course, this is not easy.  A lot of people like to critique our attempts at conformation pictures from the track, but knowing how hard it is to get a good one at home, I have to make the point that it’s not so easy getting feet lined up and lighting right and the horse not standing in a hole and the right perspective so they don’t look weak-butted or short-legged… In any case, since I am going off on a tangent, I will simply pop in a few of the better shots. 

I am not impressed with your empty hand.

I am not impressed with your empty hand.

I seem to be leaning.

I seem to be leaning.

Focus? What?

Focus? What?

The point of all that?  Well, she’s gaining weight and getting pretty, don’t you think? 

3 responses to “Trail Rides Gone Wild

  1. jessicamorthole

    Wow, look at her! Is she growing any because she looks bigger to me. She is going to be one nice horse. I love before and after shots.


  2. Jess, I think you might be right. I’ll have to grab the measuring stick and see, but Allie and I both noticed that she looked a little butt high the other day, so I don’t think it’s your imagination!

  3. I left a post on a more recent entry. I recognize the one you are calling Woodmeister, or Woody as the horse I’ve just adopted and have known for almost 2 years. I need to know if you remember any distinguishing marks on his body to confirm that it is actually him. Woody fell on some hard times, but I’m working on getting him to his old self. I’d love to have any information you know about him. He sure is a great guy!

    A. Rand

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