Vacation Time

It figures, just after arriving on Cloud Nine with miss Rosey, it’s time for me to split for “vacation.”  Do weddings count as vacation?  I don’t know.  In any case, while I am gone Rose will be getting a few rides/works from a really talented trainer at our barn, who seems to be looking forward to it.  I kind of wish I could stay and watch, as I tend to learn a lot by watching other people deal successfully with things. 

I learned a while ago (unfortunately, it was learned the hard way), that getting help from awesome people is a really good thing when it comes to horses.  Not that Rosey is all that hard- there are lots of things I think I’m capable of doing with her, but at the same time, I’m more of a rider than a trainer, if that makes sense.  So she will be getting real trainer rides while I’m gone. Hopefully there will be a report or two of how that goes!

Not much more to say than that, so I will part with a shout-out to a fundraiser that is going on during the month of August at Adam’s Ribs in Edgewater, MD.  If anyone is in the area, print out this coupon and take it over there when you go.  And a portion of the bill will be donated back to CANTER mid-atlantic, and therefore will go toward’s Rosey’s Fattening-Up fund.

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