I Never Played With Dolls

Something about Rosey inspires me to get all girly.  I’ve always had a thing for having “nice” stuff- saddlepads and the like.  But Rose is the first horse I’ve ever really wanted to play dress up with.  Like the ear bonnet thing.  I’ve always liked them for practical purposes, and generally stuck to black, white, or brown.   But with Rose, I kind of want to get her something fancy and pretty, that coordinates.

Like this:

Lettia Airwave pad

Lettia Airwave pad

with one of the really pretty MATCHING ear nets:

Lettia Airwave Ear Bonnets

Lettia Airwave Ear Bonnets

Honestly, wouldn’t that tan and burgundy one look gorgeous on her?  And then, of course, she needs matching boots.  I think Eskadron makes some pretty tan boots.  And then, all this is meaningless unless we also get her a lovely custom cooler in the same colors, with her name and a pretty Rose embroidered on it.

I always liked getting nice stuff for my own guy, but this is the first time I’ve wanted to play dress up so badly.  I even sort of want to braid her for this tiny local show this weekend.  Even for doing the walk-trot class.  I’m not sure what it is, but she’s like an equine doll.  We really need to get her a home before I blow my entire next paycheck on matching embroidered waffle-weave saddle pads and checkered polo wraps with her name on the velcro.

As for actual riding, we had a nice ride last night but I made the executive decision to not even attempt to jump at the show.  While I know she can do it, she apparently prefers to just trot over things without actually jumping (or get stuck on top of things, as she tries to trot over but can’t coordinate her feet).  I have to remember that as good as she is, she’s still completely inexperienced.  It’s easy to get sucked into thinking they’re ready for more when they generally behave so well and take things in stride.  But for us it will be back to flat work, getting her hind end strengthened and working on the canter.  And next week she will be getting a few rides from one of the actual professionals at our barn while I am away.


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