Rose Takes a Giant Leap

Well, not really.  In any case, today’s plan was to go for a nice trail ride, but when I first got on, there was a thunderstorm rolling in.  So I figured we’d poke around the indoor a little bit and play with things in there.  There were some ground poles set up, and some teeny crossrails.  I put one of those down so it was super-teeny, and led her over it a few times. 

After I got on, we walked and trotted over the poles, and then we tried walking over the super teeny crossrail.  No problem, not even a hesitation.  So then I figured we could try trotting it, and again, no problem.  Of course she didn’t actually jump over it, but that’s ok, she figured it out and was happy to lift her feet. And of course, because she’s so crazy, I got video.

Brave pony!

After the weather finally rolled away, we left for a group trail ride.  On the way down the driveway, we went for another first and tackled the ditch.  She stopped and looked for a second, but then very calmly stepped from one side of the ditch to the other.  I think she handled it even better than klondike did the first time.  Then, off for trail ride fun.

She led, she followed, and she stayed in the middle.  She crossed water, passed new hunting blinds, saw some deer, and stepped over some logs.  Pretty much nothing out there phases her, even the scary trash can thing at the end of the driveway, which cause many a calm horse to have a little bit of a spook.

and following

and following

 She was so good, in fact, that when someone brought up going to a little local show next weekend, I thought it sounded like a good idea.  So she may be going to do a couple little flat classes next Sunday, if everything continues to go so well. 🙂

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