Queen Bee

Last night when I went out to see how Rose was gimping along, I got my first real chance at seeing how she feels about herd dynamics.  To put it simply, in a very short time she has become the queen bee.  It’s not an obvious thing, she didn’t seem to be being aggressive or pushy with the other mares, but they just seem to sort of follow her.

I could have the wrong read on the situation, because I only observed for a short time, as I walked, grumbling, all the way to the farthest corner of the back part of the field to find them.  But as I got closer, I realized the ladies were walking, single file, with Rose at the head of the line.

Even after they stopped to graze, it seemed like the position of Miss Thing dictated where everyone else stood.  This wouldn’t have really gotten my attention except it’s sort of different from the sad sack, “mom, why won’t the cool kids play with me?” behavior of Klondike (and several other horses newly introduced to new groups, like Sir Woods).

As for her foot, she seemed to be walking better on it from what I saw last night, though I’ll have to look closer when I get out this evening.  Hopefully we’ll have more riding reports shortly 🙂


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