Rosey’s Big Adventure

I'm Humble

I'm Humble

Hopefully by now you’ve read the about page, but if not, I’d suggest going there for some background on one Ms. Calabria Rose. This week was training boot camp, only without all the pull-ups, crunches and early morning wake times.

On July 2nd I stuffed Rosey in the trailer with Phinny to take with me to my little farm in North Carolina. She rode down like a perfect lady, backed off the trailer and moseyed around the field while John and I unpacked and cleaned up dead-bugapalooza (Vacation house can be gross when you haven’t been there in three months!).

While she was down there she learned many things. She learned that flyspray is not made of acid. She learned to tie to the trailer to be brushed and tacked up.

See? I tie to the trailer

She learned that she loves trail riding. She learned that Phinny can be very possessive of his mother (yours truly) and when I’m around she best back up a step or two lest she get a bite in the butt.

For her very first ride, I tacked up and walked around the perimeter of the farm. She thought that was just fine, and behaved perfectly for the occasion. At one point we reached a skeeeery sand pile and she decided it would be best if we just avoided the entire thing and showed me by trying to turn around and go back the other direction. With a short little growl and a little tap of the leg she changed her mind. I like that in a horse–“I have an opinion, i’m going to tell you about it, but I’ll do what you want if you ask proper-like”.

Ride number two was a solo trail ride off the farm, and wow did we have fun!

Video about halfway through our ride (this horse has ZERO spook):

We had trotted and cantered and moseyed and walked and moseyed some more. Rosey was having so much fun she kept pulling me away from the farm to go exploring. I dropped the reins and let her explore to her hearts content for about half an hour. She would have gone longer, but I’m an Amazon, and Rosey’s just a little horse who needs weight and muscle, and I didn’t want to overdo it.

Dora the Explora

She was a GOOD GIRL! And now she’s home at my barn in Damascus (best.barn.ever!) where everybody will spoil her rotten and fight to the death over who gets to ride her next 🙂

Oh! Rosey also learned that the trailer is where all the good stuff happens:


5 responses to “Rosey’s Big Adventure

  1. She’s been there exactly one day and we’re all fighting over her already. She sure turned into a sweet little pet horse since I last saw her!

  2. Sandra Joseph

    Beautiful filly! How old is she?

  3. jessicamorthole

    New ponies are fun. Why don’t people like little horses they are cool too. I can’t wait to read more about her.

  4. Maybe Rosey can have a little talk with Sir Woods out at the barn about how lovely it is to go on a walkabout solo. Perhaps if he knows that this new little bay mare is so brave it will shame him into doing the same.

  5. What a wonderful blog to read about rosey. I bought this mare a month ago and she has truely found her forever home. We love her enthusiasm and unusual mind! Zero spook is so acurate..I want to call her brave heart! We love this horse and thank the organization for saving her! Such a gift for us to find.

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